Food Services
Bread of Life believes that community should have
access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We provide access to
the essential necessities that insure families can have a well
balanced meal.
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Community Development
Our client is the community. We work to ensure that Bread of Life is a vessel
for the underserved and the underprivileged. Support our mission
Homeless Services
We serve the community with integrity providing hot and health meals
to the underserved. We also provide additional services that suport our mission.
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Diaper Distribution
We provide a monthly distribution of diapers
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Amazing 102.5fm
Bread of Life owns and manages an AMAZING radio station. Our broadcasts
stretch from Houston to Atlanta and on multiple channels. We are
looking to expand our service offerings in 2019, JOIN US!
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life is a storm...


Bread of Life, Inc. assists those who have been impacted not just
by environmental disasters but also by Life’s Disasters.

Recent Media Playlist

Bread of Life, Inc.
Bread of Life, Inc.
UNICEF - The Eliminate Project
UNICEF - The Eliminate Project
Doctors Without Borders - Liberia
Doctors Without Borders - Liberia
Beyonce Donates to Bread of Life Inc.
Beyonce Donates to Bread of Life Inc.

Special Projects


Rebuild Houston

Bread of Life works to rebuild Houston and the lives of its residents.


The Art Project

Bread of Life invests in creative expression. This project encourages social activism.


Diaper Giveaway

Bread of Life provides a Bi monthly diaper giveaway to expecting mothers


The Royal Feast

Bread of Life presents an annual dinner provided for the homeless.



I'd like to thank Bread Of Life, Inc for supplying Bailee and I with a brand new crib and an abundance of baby items in expectant for her early arrival. I would be no where near prepared if it wasn't for their generosity. We thank you and God bless.

D. Ve
Client Supporter

My son enjoys his New bed and we enjoyed our kitchen table We appreciate everything you did for us.

M. Hughes

I would like to personally thank bread of life for giving my Children an experience they will never forget. Even in communication with them everything was professional and perfect! They kept their word and came through! My kids had a great time at the circus and I am Grateful for being offered the opportunity! What is a small gesture to

S. North

Hi I would like to thank Bread of Life/Harvey ....For allowing me and my family to attend this event we truly had a good time and our family seemed to be reconnected together through this event and we really enjoyed the presentation and everyone was nice and on the same page thank u all a the Hamilton Family...and may GOD continue to bless this organization...

E. Hamilton


Advocacy is the support for an issue
by arguing your position and influencing decisions
politicaly, economically, and socially.
Bread of Life advocates for those who do
not have a voice to.

Bread of Life

is not about making a
its about making a

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